Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lakes Park with Lee County Bird Patrol

Today, my husband and I, met the Lee County Bird Patrol at the Lakes Park for a guided bird walk. Gail was leading the group and Walt entertained us with his knowledge .... I, so look forward to the day that I can identify all those beautiful songs and so many birds ..... I have so much to learn .... never a boring moment .... that and all the people that I get to meet along the way and the friends that I get to reconnect with - it doesn't get much better than that.

We make a nice birding crew - don't we? Thanks Gail for taking the photo.

One of the star appearance this morning was the Downy Woodpecker - the smallest of all the woodpeckers. This is the female - with no red hind crown spot.

The Downy Woodpecker often gets mistaken for the Hairy Woodpecker until you notice the size of his bill. The Downy's bill is much smaller than its head.

Just recently I was reading about feathers and how they differ in length and texture and how they all have a certain purpose - for example, the woodpecker's tail feathers are very, very stiff - which makes it possible for the woodpecker to anchor themselves to the tree trunks - upside down too - without falling off.

A female Anhinga was spotted drying her feathers. Anhingas often swim submerged to the neck and is often nicknamed the 'snake bird'. Sharply pointed bill is used to spear fish, after catching it, the Anhinga comes to the surface and flips the fish in the air and then swallows it headfirst.

Here is a lovely pair of Black Vultures - there were many more around - some people even find them pretty ?? I guess in a vulture kind of way.

A clump of Palm Trees with the sun bursting through the leaves - a nice way to end the bird walk. Several more birds were seen - which are included in my E-Bird list - all in all it was a great day, every day birding IS a great day!

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