Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bird Patrol Walk at Bunche Beach

I often start my days with a sunrise - however, today being a full moon (Hunter's Moon) - I thought it would be appropriate to start with the moon setting as the day begins - I find those mornings to be really special.

As the group started to gather up, we started to head slowly to where the concentration of birds were and some of those were the Black Skimmers - look at all those orange legs!

We turned around and witnessed two Great Blue Heron doing a dance - very much like Cranes do - it was very interesting to watch.....when those things take place, I feel like I am being given an opportunity to witness a moment in time where the humans are just a part of the background....very special.

I don't really know exactly how much time elapsed while this was taking place - but felt as if it was over way too soon.

Here's our group for the day - I think we make a nice bunch, don't you?

A little Piping Plover wearing his blings.

An Oystercatcher doing what they do best. It was a nice surprise to see them because usually they are hanging out at Fort Myers Beach. This morning they blended in with the Black Skimmers - you just never know what you're going to find in a big group like that until you take a closer peak.

A Marbled Godwit - I love looking at this shorebird with its pink bill that is upturn toward the sky.

The Oystercatchers being joined by the Marbled Godwits - a nice crew they make,hey?

The Sanibel Stoop?....or perhaps more appropriately the Bunche Beach Stoop.
Another great day birding till the next one.
My E-Bird List with many species for the day.

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  1. I love the little piping plover. They are like a little puff ball. You got some good shots of the great blue heron. They have such long necks...