Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday at Bailey's Tract

I'm feeling it - Fall is in the air - well perhaps not while I look at the thermometer but looking at the fauna and the clarity in the was most evident when I came home and started to look at my photos - you be the judge.

The Brown Thrasher - most likely the same one that I encountered last week on the very same trail....this time I spent a bit more time observing how he moved about and threw sand and vegetation every which way while looking for a tasty morsel.

Ha! Look who has returned! The Common Gallinule....when I got closer 4 more scattered about and quickly swam to the other side of the pond.

Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher - definitely sporting his name today.

Palm Warbler - one of many on my trail today....always a few steps ahead of me, leading the way.

Another Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher.

At first I thought I was looking at another Palm....but no.....sure looks like a Prairie Warbler to me. (If I am mistaken - I hope you won't be shy about sharing what else it might be)

Palm Warbler - perhaps digesting his meal - there was plenty to fill the belly this morning.

The Bailey Tract year around resident....the Mockingbird.

The little Grebe - it is so nice to see them back - they are just so adorable and they remind me of my grandson with his big eyes and his cuddly appearance.
Well, that was most of the highlight of my morning walk for today - Other than these guys and my E-Bird List (27 species today) I saw 3 rabbits and heard a gator calling my name.

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  1. Looks like had a good day pictures. Love the reflection of the little grebe...