Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet October

Here is my very first Yellow Warbler - he posed for me...."Thank you!". This Gumbo Limbo tree sits on the edge of the beach and I think he enjoyed the view and rested for a bit.

The Prairie Warbler kept busy and hidden from clear view - I have much admiration for those photographers who are able to catch those little warblers as they dart from leaves to twigs and back at record speed and still come up with crystal clear photos.

For the time being, I'll settle for my peek-a-boos snap shot and you know what, that's okay by me....hey, I   need to remember here that I am living on a paradise island and that the weather permits me to be outdoor most every day of the year.....can't beat that.

The osprey couple - sitting on their nest by the Sanibel Pier - business as usual.

I saw and heard many Catbirds for the past week - signaling their return. I enjoy their songs and their personality.

Look what we have here....a little brown bird....I wondered what he was - accessing my memory banks with "brown cap, brown chest, brown belly, brown wing"....??? Never seen anything like it.

Aha, mystery solved! He was soon joined by his mom and little happy family.

I never tire of looking at those bring red cardinals - you can't beat that bright color in the woods.

Time for me to wrap it up, as I exited the trail, a Mourning Dove sat and waved me was a good day.
My E-Bird List for the day....a pretty good day it was too with 32 species.

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