Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ding visit

I planned my morning with birding in Ding - failing to pay attention to the tide chart....silly me.
 I was the first one to line up at the gate and waited and the 10 cars behind. Soon I made it through the gate and it was interesting to note that all the other cars passed me as they were eagerly anticipating putting their kayaks, canoes or fishing pole into the, not so fast as I made my way ever so slowly - taking in the sights and the occasional feathered friend. The sun had just come up and the water could be seen rushing out under the weirs. A few Great Egrets stood here and there - looking as if in a dream.

I spotted the elusive Black-crowned Night Heron in its usual perch area by the x-dike - as soon as he saw me, he turned around and gave me his backside.

The Black-bellied Plover in its fall plummage - eating a fresh crustacean....crunch, crunch.

The Horseshoe Crab was quite busy getting deeper into the mud, it was fun watching it as it dug its head in while raising his backside up.

By the Tower, there was the sandbar just below the surface and a few birds started to gather up....the Cormorant, Laughing gulls and the Tri-colored Heron.

Followed by a White Ibis

In the corner, at the shore line - I heard commotion and I got there just in time to catch the Willets in action....they were pretty vocal too.

Then it was business as usual.....she looked at me as if to ask.....What are you looking at?

The gator was in its usual spot - very well camouflaged - even a couple tourists on bikes missed it all together.
Another good "birding day"....any day out birding IS a GOOD day! Though, I'm getting myself a tide chart for my next visit...oh, more bug spray too.
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  1. I really like the second picture you took. The reflection of the sky in the water. Very nice...