Friday, November 1, 2013

At the tract - Bailey's, that is.

What a beautiful morning this felt "home" like....inviting, warm and very peaceful. These Red-Shouldered hawk were quite alert and eager for their next bite.

The Moon Flower - extending, reaching out for its last hooplah for the day.

This was what seemed to me to be the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher day - as they were flitting about all over the trail...up, down, around and back up again.

I love the surrounding colors of the vegetation too - as it so look like fall to me.

A yummy I love little spiders.

The Common Yellowthroat - such a burst of sunshine - which brings a huge smile to my face.

The Coot Family 

Ducks....I'm still wondering if they are the Blue-winged Teal....but the white by their beak is missing, then I thought....maybe Mottling Ducks but their bills are not yellow...ummm...

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