Monday, November 25, 2013

Harn's Marsh with Caloosa Bird Club

I had been really looking forward to attend today's bird trip and I was not disappointed. This was also my first opportunity to make the entire loop and with 38 sets of eyes, we got to see a total of 57 species - a good birding day indeed.
We all gathered up at the head of the trail and carpooled in a caravan across the Harn's Marsh Preserve - our group consisted of 33 members and 5 guests.

Limpkin - eyeing us and probably thinking....."here we go".

A pair of Sandhill Crane flew over and vocally welcomed us.

Great sighting of Ring-necked ducks as well as a Hooded Merganser (left side).

The Wood Storks.

Awww....this feels like "home" to me.

More Ring-necked ducks.

The Northern Harrier gave us a good show today.

The small 'wildlife' didn't go unnoticed.

The Sandhill Cranes - a beautiful pair wouldn't you say?

After a while the Cranes took off and chose another spot.

The Snail Kites were fun to watch - it dove and caught it's favorite snail....yummy escargots. I wonder how many of those snails the Snail Kite can consume in one day?

There were many skippers, butterflies, damsels and dragonflies flitting around throughout the Marsh.

Our last sighting at the end of the trail - it doesn't get much better than that.
Check my E-Bird List for all the species that were seen today - definitely a 'go-to' place for observing wildlife.
A big thank you to Jose and Stan for leading a fantastic trip.

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