Monday, December 9, 2013

North Cape Coral/Charlotte Harbor with the Caloosa Bird Club

Yeah! You guessed it, today is Monday - my favorite day since I get to go birding with my bird club. Today I had the honor of taking a guest whom I've met through the S.W.FL Birdline list server - and as such it made it super special to be in her company and to have to opportunity to talk about birding on our way much so....that we forgot to pay attention to the 'signs' and added a few extra miles to our trip.....thank goodness we are early birds, so we ended up arriving on time after all.
A great group had already gathered - 30 of us. After listening to what we were anticipating to see - we started onto the trail.
Our first sighting for the day was A Great Blue Heron - seemed like he had the place to himself because all was very quiet on the trail.

Soon the chatter started - Catbird were vocal and active. Several Shrikes were seen and a few Red-Bellied Woodpeckers were heard.

We make a nice group, don't we?

Quite a few Warblers were flying around in the pine trees, seen were: Yellow-throated, Common Yellowthroat, Palm Warbler, Pine Warbler and a Northern Parula was heard.....and so were Eastern Towhee.

A Northern Flicker.

A great view and our aim to see some shorebirds. We spotted Hooded and Red Headed Merganser, Common Loon, Pied-billed and Horned Grebes, some Dunlins, a Spotted Sandpiper and Gulls - Laughing and Ring-billed. A Frigatebird was seen too.

As we walked back, we saw the Great horned Owl in his nest - I bet he saw us before we saw him.

We all got back into our cars and drove a little bit to go and see the Eagle's nest. We saw a couple of them flying and one in the nest.

Ummm....I wonder what he/she is talking about?

We drove some more and went for a visit with the Borrowing Owls - this one let us take his photo while keeping his distance.

And off we went to visit with the Scrub Jay family. They sure are beautiful and friendly.

My guest who made friends with the Jays in no time - check out the one getting ready to land on her head.

This was at our last stop where we saw manatees - I noticed this pole with the "Blue Bird house" sign on - I had hoped to see some but I guess they were out for the day.
All in all - it was a great day with 46 Species. See my E-Bird List for all the sightings for today.


  1. The scrub jay is very friendly by the looks of the pictures. The burrowing owl look like he was enjoying posing for you.

  2. That had to be a very enjoyable day. I like the Great Horned Owl photos.

  3. Great trip with your bird club and you got some great photographs. Looking so forward to joining you sooon!