Friday, January 17, 2014

Pileated Woodpecker

It has been down right chilly in my sunny southern state - making me feel as if I should be moving further south. I haven't been out birding as much and I'm finding out how much I am missing it.

Talking about feeling cold, I was reading and looking at some photos of birds and how they deal with cold temps - most of the birds have downy feathers which they fluff up in order to stay warm - except for the woodpeckers who have very different type of feathers - much stiffer, which - by the way - also helps them with their acrobatic movements.

Turns out that this Pileated figured out how to stay out of the chilly wind by settling down in a little depression between the tree limbs.

Pileated are the largest North American Woodpeckers, they are common in the Southeast. It's good to remember not to take those beautiful creatures for granted but appreciate the fact that we have opportunities to view its beauty.

This is a lady Pileated - noticeable by the black above her head and the black stripe on her cheek.

 Pretty girl, isn't she?

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