Saturday, February 22, 2014

SanCap Audubon Bird walk - Pond Apple Trail

Saturday has become one of my favorite days because I get to meet up with the SanCap Audubon group and hit the trail for some birding. We started out with a bit of fog and in no time at all we were blessed with a beautiful day.

An Eastern Phoebe without its tail.

A few Red-bellied Woodpeckers were seen.

The group today - 40+

A Pileated Woodpecker in flight.

The Kingfisher sat for quite some time, resting.

A Forster Tern - its orange/red feet was the telltale.

It was fun to watch as it hovered and dove trying to catch some fish.

The regular denizens of the Pond Apple Trail - Pelicans and cormorants among many others.

And the Wood Stork too. Check the bubble gum color on its toes.

Non-native Milkweed. (Thanks Phillis for the i.d. - she should be called a 'plant extraordinaire identifier' - because she is.)

A Brown Pelican tending to an itch....

awww.... feel much better now.

An Anhinga lady with beautiful pale green eyes.

I believe this is a subadult Brown Pelican - perhaps known as a teenager with a spiky hairdo.

I am standing by the edge of the road and zooming in toward the tree where the "X" is

a little bit closer - still aiming for that tree

Aha! Can you now see what I was zooming in for?

Yes, the Pond Apple Trail Bald Eagle. And that, my friends, concluded our birding tour - what a way to end the day!

Lets not forget to say a big Thank You to Matzaluna for letting us park during the early morning hours. 
 My E-Bird List for today

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