Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Whistling Ducks - Black-bellied and Fulvous - "Photo Shoot"

Fantastic Day visiting Bartow - Circle B Bar Reserve - definitely a Hot Spot in my book.
I've seen the Black-bellied Whistling Duck previously - however they were always so far away that taking a photo was out of the you can just imagine how excited I was to be so close and able to feast my eyes on these beauties and to be able to take home these memories to cherish down the road.

Then, I was blessed to see 2 Fulvous Whistling-duck for the very first time. I was hoping that they would raise their heads so that I could see their bill/face - and 'poof' my wish was granted.

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I'm thinking that the Coot felt special to be in their presence.

I love seeing ducks - a real treat for me.

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