Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bowman's Beach with the SanCap Audubon Group

I love spring and how the air feels as well as the clarity of it. Today's Audubon meet was at Bowman's Beach - a public beach with facilities galore (picnic tables, launching ramp for canoes/kayaks, a playground for kids, a fitness trail, outdoor showers, WC and a soda machine). I hadn't been there in a while and I looked forward to visit again.
I tend to get to my destination ahead of time and this morning I was rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise.

The Kestrel was quite willing to give us ample time to admire his beautiful feathers.

Interesting to see them side by side - not something I would expect to see.

Beautiful serene spot, don't you think? Soon the sea turtles will come back for a visit.

You just never know what you're going to see when you put your pics on the computer.

There was 26 people in our group.

A Brown Pelican in its breeding plumage of chocolate brown neck feathers.

We spotted 4 Spotted Sandpipers today.

Ospreys were plentiful too.

One happy singing fellow.

The view from the launching pad.

I always get a soft spot when I see those guys.

Here's a bright spot - this guy was chopping coconuts with a huge knife and sharing with tourists.   
 Another great morning of birding with some very fine folks. My E-Bird list for today

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  1. Nice shot of the US Coast Guard plane. I always enjoy looking at whatever pics you get.