Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hump day at Bailey

What a beautiful spring day this was - and what a better day then to spend it at the Bailey Tract. A few different species were seen this afternoon and my list was flowing.
Aha! A bird that I haven't seen in a while - perhaps 6 months or so - had to look in my book to verify that I was looking at an Eastern Kingbird - the wide white banded tail was the telltale.

A pair of the Black-necked Stilt have arrived, what a pleasure it was to welcome them back this past week.

The talk of the island has been circling around the Western Kingbirds and the Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. I circled the Bailey Tract property and was able to find the WEKI between the Bailey Tract and the Sanibel Garden scissor-tailed for me yet.

I counted 8 of them - hanging together more or less.

While circling through the Sanibel Garden Preserves - I spotted an American Kestrel.

A Great Blue Heron

A juvenile and an adult White Ibis

Another Kestrel

A White Ibis in breeding plumage.

And a sweet little surprise - a Prairie Warbler

On my way out of the Bailey Tract - I had to dodge this spider who had claimed the trail with its web - lucky web filled with tasty morsels. A great day overall with many interesting finds - my E-Bird List for today


  1. You always manage to get some awesome shots. I am glad that you have become such a great photographer...

  2. Great job on the pics, France. Love the Kestrels :-) Beth (Birdline)