Friday, February 20, 2015

Sanibel Community Park Trail - The Frannie's Preserve Extension

I've been meaning to check on this new trail off the main beaten path of Periwinkle Way - well, today was the day....come and see....

The entrance is toward the back of the playground, before you proceed check the map out.

The Frannie's preserve extension is outlined here - for today I chose the blue trail surrounding the water ponds.

Most of the paths are pretty much easy to follow, however the trails are not marked.
One of the first ponds.

First sign of wildlife - a White Ibis.
Several Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Palm Warblers were heard and seen.

This trail was a bit muddy and after a bit the trail was hard to spot - will have to return at a later time.

Another pond and another trail.

This trail was a flitter of Zebra Longwings....making it somewhat magical.

A few more White Ibis and....

a River Otter with its fish.

A Kingfisher was quite busy and vocal around this pond.

Not too far, a Red-shouldered Hawk with its keen eye.

The trails circle around the pond, a different view of those White Ibis.

I have a feeling that this location could become a hot spot - it is a natural habitat, away from the noises and hustles, plenty of water and insects. I will return and report again in the near future.....after all....I still have the Frannie's Extension trail to venture unto.


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  1. I think otters are cute in their ow at. I chuckled when I saw the Kingfish. Another good day.