Saturday, April 5, 2014

Burrowing Owls

Our birding expedition today included a visit with the Burrowing Owls - that, my friend, is always a very special visit.
These might look like little fellows - however they are fully grown and totally adorable.

This little fellow said: "Ma! Look how much I have grown....come and see the difference since the last time."

Something good to eat - savoring each little bites.

I can feel that spring is in the air - are you feeling the love?

I am! Hold on one sec while this crow passes by first....

OK, the coast is clear

What?? Can't we have privacy around here?


Must be that honeymoon thing.

I think a little owl nap is in order.

The Burrowing Owl's home stomping ground. One of them was underground being busy excavating in order to get ready for nesting season - sand could be seen shooting straight out of the nest cavity.

Just enjoying the spring on a sunny, lazy saturday morning. My E-Bird List for that location

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  1. Love looking at the owls. We do not get to see owls very often up here. You took some wonderful shots