Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Migrants visiting with the locals

Some front was supposed to move in - perhaps tomorrow. In the meantime I took a drive through Ding Darling and later visited the Sanibel Lighthouse - it's always nice to be out there - catching sight of my feathered friends and birding buddies.
This is not a usual sighting along the wildlife drive.

 The Double-crested Cormorant looked like he had swallowed the canary or maybe he's just smiling and happy to see me.

It always feels special to spot the Night Herons and the little ones are really precious.

These guys were hanging out by the Caloosa trail at the end of the wildlife drive.

He waived me on as I passed through the exit door.

Off I went to the lighthouse and I was treated to a lot of Indigo Buntings, often times sitting in a tree by the dozen.

A nice little burst of yellow when the Prairie shows up.
This looks like a female Scarlet Tanager. - If I got this one wrong, please don't be shy to share.

I love this White-eyed Vireo and it feels especially nice to be able to capture those eyes.

The Cowbird - a Shiny female.

 Another great day birding - I hope it holds out for a while longer. My E-Bird lists

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  1. You sure do get some great shots. I always enjoy looking at your photos. I would have to say that the double-crested cormorant is smiling at you. He heard from his feathered friends that you are a famous bird photographer and he is to smile if he sees you...