Saturday, April 5, 2014

Scrub Jay

I've got the blues.....see what I mean
These are Florida Scrub Jays - they are very social by nature and live with the family. The immature become part of the group as a whole and they all help one another.

They like to hop on the group and are pretty vocal too.

If you stay still long enough - one just might come for a close inspection. John, here, was more than happy to lend a hand.

Oooooh, look what we got here! A Blue-headed Vireo!

More people showed up by the tree and the Scrub Jay retreated.

The Blue-headed Vireo was very generous with his time and I thanked him so.

Can you tell he's one of my favorites?

A Great day - spent doing what I love to do and a great bonus of being with my friends - Carol and John. Life is good.
My E-Bird List for this location


  1. Never seen the scrub jay. They are beautiful and the blue headed vireo looks like he is hiding.

  2. Awesome post, I love the Scrub Jays! Have a great day and happy birding!