Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Birding Bowman's Beach

I heard that Least Terns are nesting by Bowman's and the area is roped off for protection. Also got word that some flocks of Red Knots had been spotted there - so, today, after my turtle duties, I decided to drive over and see if I could spot these species.
I spotted them a very short time after I started walking the beach.

There were 4 of them and as I looked at my photos when I got home, I saw that one of them had a flag and a band

So, I went on FaceBook and put my request info on Florida Banded Birds Resightings and was directed to and from there I found out that this bird was first captured in Delaware on 5/22/2012 and has since been resighted 4 times in Delaware and South Jersey in May 2012 and again during the month of May of 2013. As I look at my calendar, I see that they are running behind - which would explain their summer colors.

I'm am so glad that I got to see them this way - what a knockout color.

Here's the Sanderling in its summer plumage

These two were side by side and kept doing back raises and then would lay down on the sand - I'm sure it has a meaning and I'm hoping to get some feedback on this.

One of several Ruddy Turnstones.

A Wilson Plover

After walking a mile in the soft sand - I arrived at the nesting site and saw many Least Terns in the area.

Some were already sitting on nests, others were busy

feeding, flying and warding off passer-by....the clear sign to get out of the area is that they come flying at your head and sometimes will defecate on you - giving you the warnings to get out

Here is the Least Tern (9") next to the Sanderling (8")

Snowy Plovers were in the area too.

As I made my way back - I saw the Red Knots again, though they were on the move and kept getting away from the walkers

Nice crab that has seen better days.

By the way, did you know that Sanibel is the shell capital of the world?

I live in paradise - and there's no place like home.

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