Sunday, May 4, 2014

Serendipity birding

As I mused about my day yesterday and the experiences that transpired - "Serendipity" - just seems to fit the bill.
I met some new birding friends early Saturday morning and we set out to walk the Bailey Tract - somewhat expecting to see the 'usual' fare, only to be pleasantly surprised by what we came across.
It was windy with promises of a front coming through and with it a line of thunderstorms....hoping to perhaps catch some migrants later at the Lighthouse. So, here we go....
Wow! What a surprise this was! This concentration of birds is usually something that I see along the Wildlife Drive of Ding Darling - and not the usual experience of the Bailey Tract.

The birds entertained us with their symphony as they shared a meal together.

This was my first time seeing over 20 Roseate Spoonbills in and around the Bailey Tract.

Most of the birds were sporting their breeding plumage - take notice of the Snowy Egrets in the back and in this flight photo - the male has reddish lore while the female has the yellow lore.

The Great Egret male has green lore while in breeding.

6 Least Sandpipers were seen too.

And a Green Heron Mom.

After a while, we traveled to Ding Darling - walked the Caloosa Trail and spotted a few colorful snails.

A very different day indeed - yet it was filled with surprises and blessed with the company of new friends - Thank YOU Diane and Ed for joining me on the trail.

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  1. Some really nice shots. The wings of the female snowy egret taking off reminds me of angel wings.