Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Visiting the Bailey Tract - a Wednesday ritual

As I reflected on a friend/co-volunteer who is struggling with health issues recently, it made me appreciate so much more what I do have and for that I am grateful. This post is dedicated to them - may their tomorrows be as free and light as our feathered friends.
The view from the entrance at the Bailey Tract.

An immature Little Blue Heron

A Great Egret in its majesty.

A Great Blue Heron

Egrets wannabe Swans

2 Greater Yellowlegs making a special appearance today.

One of several Killdeers that were seen today.

A Black-necked Stilts on nest - I hope that some of those nests produce chicks this year.

Several Mottled Ducks were seen today - I counted 12. 
"The End" - just a little chuckle for the day. My E-Bird List for today


  1. What great pictures. I love the great egret with his shadow in the water. I really enjoy looking at all your pictures. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  2. Spectacular pictures France!