Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just July

As I walked the Sanibel Preserve this morning and then the Bailey Tract, I pondered over the June Challenge and how it was touted as being a 'slow' month, then thinking to myself: "July is slower yet". Low and behold, as I came back home and started listing my sighting to E-bird, I see an article about the fact that July is hot and there isn't much to see.....Ha! Oh reminds me to appreciate what I see when I see wouldn't mind a Yellow-rumped right about now, laughing to myself because they were so numerous in the winter month that after a while we paid them no attention - go figure.
Needless to say, I had a few surprises today - just enough to spark up my interest and keep me coming back.
The Green Herons are quite numerous within the Bailey Tract and quite a few young ones are being spotted too.

The Tricolored Heron had the pond pretty much to himself - I love how the sun played on his feathers and how it appears to be a painting - what a gorgeous bird!

How about a red,white and blue bird! The Black-crowned Night Heron was digesting and pruning as I went by, I loved how he smiled - don't you?

Now, how do you like that? A Blue-winged Teal amongst some Mottled Ducks - now, that's a nice surprise.

Sure, it is hot, it is quiet, it is July - but what is not to love about peace, tranquility, lush vegetation, the trail and the wildlife!

The Killdeer could be heard from trails away - I couldn't find his mate.

Here's another surprise for my day - A Black-necked Stilt chick!

And two more.

Unfortunately, they were as far as could be and this is the best that I could get out of my zoomed out lens. I was just happy to see them because I had wondered whether some of the families had been successful - and here they are.

Mama was standing guard while the chick probed about.

And this, my friend, makes for another great birding outing.


  1. You must be right about July. We went out in the boat yesterday (first time in a month) and saw no dolphins or birds of any kind. Very unusual.

    You got some good shots for it being "quiet\."

  2. What a great outing for July. I love all the different herons.. And the chicks are just adorable.. Great sightings. Happy Birding!

  3. I love how you were able to catch the reflection on the birds in the water. Very beautiful