Saturday, August 9, 2014

CWA in August

I had heard of good sightings on Fort Myers Beach at the CWA (Critical Wildlife Area), and decided to take in the site with my friend Larissa, we were very happy campers.
This looked like a really promising watch and it was!

A couple Semipalmated Plovers with a Western (?) Sandpiper.

I introduced this Marbled Godwit to my friend and shared with her that its bill points upward to God's world, she liked that.

I had to take a double look when I saw those Reddish Egrets - the immature ones (3) took me for a loop as I'd never seen them without the red/brown neck.

let alone see one take a bath chess deep!

More Black Skimmers in flight.

It's always a good idea to take a closer look because you just never know what you will find amidst the majorities - sometimes little surprises awaits.

These immature Black Skimmers are growing up so fast.

The Marbled Godwits amongst the Willets

Watch where you're going!

Aha! A Whimbrel, hanging out with the Laughing Gulls.

What a nice group!

Look at those two! A Marbled Godwit on the left and a Whimbrel on the right.....easy to get fooled when the bill is hidden.

Marbled Godwit.

Whimbrel wondering within the Black Skimmers and blending with the Willet in the background.

A Sanderling meeting.

A pod of dolphins going by.

Two adult White Ibis.

A Great Egret within the reflection of the palm trees - I've actually reversed this photo because - well - a palm tree upside down just looks funny to me.

The dolphins splashing their tails had our attention for 15 minutes - what a treat that was!

A young Black Skimmers fully grown now but still sporting his immature plumage.

Notice how 'grey' the Willets are compare to the Godwits.

More sanderlings.

The Whimbrel with Least Terns in the background.

The Marbled Godwit wished us farewell....

till the next time.

My E-Bird list for CWA -

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