Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bird Patrol/Lakes Regional Park

Today, I had the opportunity and pleasure to join Gail, Elaine and Marie on a guided walk across Lakes Park in Ft.Myers. This walk is a regular event that the Lee Co Bird Patrol provides to the public free of charge on the first Saturday of the month. 
It was still a bit hot and humid this morning but the lovely company and beautiful sightings made it all worth while. 
Here are a few of the species that caught my attention today.
A Black and Yellow Argiope Garden Spider. This fairly good sized spider is quite beneficial to have in a garden as it eats a large amount of insect pests such as aphids, mosquitoes, gnats and ants amongst many others. It is harmless to humans - thank God!

Did you know that there are 4,000 known spider species in the United States and Canada combined?

Loggerhead Shrikes and Mockingbirds were seen several times within the area - unusual though to see those two together.

The Mockingbird did entertain us with his music repertoire.

Many Gulf Fritillary were observed.

The Zebra Longwings were plentiful - they were admired as they feasted on the scarlet blooms of the Firebush.

A beautiful Tricolored Heron - still a juvenile as can be seen by his chestnut/rufous color on his neck and wing coverts.

Further away, a few pairs of juvenile Anhingas were perched awaiting the return of their parents.

Why did the turtle cross the street?? Well, to get to the other side of course! This Yellow-bellied Slider is a land and water turtle, native to southeastern United States - specifically from Florida to S.E. Virginia. The Yellow-bellied Slider is the most common species - they tend to eat in the morning and spend the rest of the day lazing on a log with their legs and neck extended....what a life!

 I hope that you'll take advantage of this jewel of a spot - there is much to be seen there, check my e-bird list and see for yourself what a quiet day brings.


  1. It's always interesting to compare the views on the Gulf Coast with our Palm Beach County wetland sites. Really beautiful shots!

  2. What a pretty looking spider (I do really hate them, to creepy) and a great web to go with him. Once again you got some great shots.