Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sanibel Garden preserves

The birding itch was poking me this morning, so I bundled up with multiple layers and headed out while wondering who else would be out there on such a chilly morning.
As I headed down Periwinkle Way toward the Island Inn Road, I spotted a pair of Bald Eagles perched along side Sanibel Blvd and behind the Over Easy Cafe.
I'm thinking to myself that they are probably loving this weather, they do look comfortable, don't they?

Is this guy giving me the eagle eye?

I pulled myself away and made it down to the Sanibel Garden Preserve, there I spotted several Yellow-rumped Warblers.

The yellow patch on the side can be seen in this photo. This specie is one of the most abundant warbler across the U.S. Commonly seen on fall migration and regularly winters in the U.S. It prefers coniferous or mixed forest. In winter, brushy thickets of bayberry and wax myrtle - which we have plenty of.

Around the corner I was surprised to see a Wilson Snipe right out in the open - I observed it for a bit before diverting my attention to the opposite side

where a pair of Blue-winged Teal as well as a Little Blue were busily eating.

Nice view of the Wilson, a bird of wet meadows and boggy areas. Notice the extremely long straight bill and plump body. Black and white stripes on its head makes it a striking bird. This was very unusual to observe without any vegetation in the way as most of the time it hides and blends well with the marshes and is usually seen after being flushed and while flying away.

A regular resident of the area - a male Osprey.

A plump Mourning Dove staying warm and watching the Eastern Phoebe who just landed next to him.

Shortly after, I crossed the road and found myself along the Bailey Tract. It seemed that more people were seen than birds - not quite sure where all the fowls are hiding. Up above a flock of White Pelican was spotted as well as several Turkey Vultures and Anhingas.

Some species played with me - toying me with their song yet never showing themselves - such as a rail (which specie??) that kept kekking - yet when I got a chance to listen to some of my apps none sounded exactly the same. I can tell you that I will be returning with the hopes of finding the answer to this dilemma.

Well folks, "till the next time" said the Hooded Merganser.

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  1. I love the pictures of the Eagles. I do like the markings on the Wilson and I chuckled when I saw the hooded merganser...