Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bunche Beach with the Caloosa Bird Club

It's Monday and it's time to get on the road and meet up with the bird club - destination: Bunche Beach and Lakes Park.
In case you didn't know - I'm an early bird and tend to get to my locations very early, it is always exciting for me to start with the birds as my companions.

The Black Skimmers didn't disappoint - they are so strikingly beautiful with their sharp colors.

The Willets were a tad bit sleepy and stayed close as a group.....

just like the Black Skimmers. A immature Black Skimmer is in the foreground and I believe that by next year it will sport its adult feathers.

Something spooked them all and off they flew - from the Eastern portion of Bunche Beach to the Western portion.

As I made my way back to the West - I heard a White-eyed Vireo and soon I was rewarded with good looks - thank you!

The Piping Plovers were seen too .....

some sporting some bling - note to self....check on its background.

The Marbled Godwit is always such a pretty sight - what is not to like!

The Reddish Egret was also present - doing its alluring dance and focusing on its next prey.

The regular Osprey on the Western tip of Bunche Beach.

On our way out of the beach - a Ring-billed Gull was observed eating a Seahorse. Soon it would be time to leave and go meet up at Lakes Park - however - a change of personal plans took place and I joined my friend Gail and Marie to visit the Winkler Extension for my next adventure. 
 My E-Bird sighting for Bunche this a.m.

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