Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Otter, Warbler & Gator - oh my

What a beautiful day - the sun is shining, it is warm with a slight breeze and the Bailey Tract is calling my name.....let's go....
After chatting with a few folks from different part of the country - I made my way to the North Dike where I was able to see many warblers - the insects were abundant and the birds were happy - a Palm Warbler taking a breather in between food courses.

Then, behind me, I heard a raucous in the bushes followed by water splashing loudly - I moved up the trail where I could see what was happening when an Otter came up - it kept returning and looking back - my guess was that it had been chased by a gator.

After that encounter, he didn't seem to mind my presence. We spent a few moments together before the Otter exited the Bailey Tract and headed toward Island Inn Road.

Back to warbler watching - where I was able to see many more species - some of which I wasn't able to photograph - like the Black & White, the Yellow-rumped and an Orange-crowned.

As I made the loop along the South Dike by the boardwalk, I was able to observe this beautiful Tricolored Heron.

Not too far was a gator sunning his back while cooling his belly.

Check the pattern details on his front legs....

and how about this belly pattern....look how it seems as if a fine net is holding everything together (gator skin) - I had never noticed that before.

A Gulf Frittilary - feasting on the local wildflowers.

What a great afternoon this turned out to be, I was blessed with 30 species of birds besides the Otter, gator and butterflies....I love the Bailey Tract! Check my E-Bird List for details.

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  1. I like the pictures of the otter. I knew the heron neck was long and thin, but it is longer than I had thought...