Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yearly trip to STA 5 in Hendry Co

Oh Boy! It is Saturday morning with a crisp 48 degree - chilly for Florida weather if you ask me - but nevertheless it didn't dampen my enthusiasm to head out, pick up Libby and head off to Immokalee. We met up with the Caloosa Group, combined people in cars and headed out to our destination....and off we go.
After being on the road for 2 hours +, we arrived at the check in station, listened to instruction and set out with great anticipation.

It wasn't long before we saw tons of ducks and coots and among them were several Purple Gallinules - they sure are colorful and fun to watch with their big feet walking on lily pads. 

Watching from above and looking for its next prey was a Peregrine Falcon.

Here's another colorful one - a Swamp Hen.

A quick visit from an Eastern Meadowlark didn't go unnoticed, we were blessed with its song too.

A Brown-headed Cowbird, what a nice surprise.

There were plenty of Swallows swooping by - some took a rest on the power line before resuming their flight - a Northern Rough-winged Swallow is watching us.

We had several Black-crowned Night Herons popping out in the open. I love their beady red eyes.

Several gators were spotted - I venture to say that they are well fed.

We watched the White Pelicans as they circled and herded fish for consumption.

Empty clam and mussel shells - some tasty meal I'm sure.

Caspian Terns and Forster Terns were among some White Pelicans and Ducks.

An American Bittern stayed long enough for me to capture its photo.

A special sighting of two Tropical Kingbird was had - this one granted us good views on our way out.
Many more species were seen than photographed - see my E-bird List for all the species.
A long day, a great time and lots of beautiful birds were seen, I am blessed to be granted these opportunities.

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  1. American bittern is a very interesting looking bird. I the white peiican๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€