Friday, January 2, 2015

Birding in the fog at Winkler Point

After having such a great experience birding the Winkler Point - I felt the urge to return and to share it with friends. After connections were made and plans were sealed, we met up with our fearless leader Meg....armed with bug spray and water ready shoes we embarked the trail on this misty morning....come and see...

There's Jewel embracing life and having fun.
 Malaleuca Trees - what is left of them - borders some of this Preserve, giving it an eerie feeling.

We visited a few American Wigeon in the small pond, being careful not to spook them.
 While we stood enjoying the vista, we were blessed with the sighting of 2 Savannah Sparrows and the sweet sound of Clapper Rails.
We reached the Salt Flats - the fog relentlessly hovering above us.

In a way giving us the benefit of being hidden from view and providing us more opportunities to feast our eyes on

the beautiful American Avocet.

The Greater Yellowlegs were present too....

 as were the Dunlins (background) and Short-billed Dowitcher (foreground).
In the midst of this fog - the sun was rising.

 Kelly - the biologist from SCCF was really happy to see the American Avocet, can you tell?

I never get tired of watching this elegant bird.

We soon found a Merlin perched and watching intently for his next prey - giving us plenty of time to capture his photo.

Several White Pelicans were admired as they flew above us in great numbers.

A group of Snowy Egrets crossed paths with the White Pelicans - the sky was clearing and the white birds were like sparkling lights.

 A Reddish Egret in the immature stage - not something I see very often, Meg helped with identification.
One more look at the big pond with all the ducks - a swell hike this turned out to be! I'm grateful for my birding friends and for the opportunities to gather together and share our common passion. My E-Bird List for today.

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  1. The white pelican againπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. The American avocet is very elegant.