Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Across Pine Island with Caloosa Birding Club

Another great birding adventure with the Caloosa Bird Club - yesterday's destination: Pine Island...a place like no other.
Coming from different directions - we all met up in the Winn Dixie parking lot where we all combined people in cars. As usual the first species were noted right there and then - 2 House Sparrows began my list.

As we pulled up on the side of the road and waited for the rest of the caravan to catch up - I couldn't help but notice this very colorful abode with a yellow sign stating: "Flamingo Crossing". No Flamingos crossed while we were there :). 

Our first stop for the day - a 2020 Preserve of Lee County.

A flock of Brown-headed Cowbirds.

An Indigo Bunting welcomed us into the trail.

The weather is changing and the sky provided a great colorful pattern.

A Rattlebox Bush 

And this here is a Rattlebox Butterfly - tiny and pink.

 We have some pretty bushes, foliage and even some fruits - even in the winter time....gotta love Florida!
2 Common Ground Doves were staying deep within the tree limbs - but with 60 eyes looking around, it can be hard to escape being sighted.

Next stop - Pineland Monument Park....where we took a short walk along the shoreline.
A Yellow-crowned Night Heron looking for crabs.

A few oyster island were grounds for some little peeps....Dunlins and Least were sighted.

White Pelicans taking flight in the distance.

More little peeps.

Across the way - the entrance to Randall Research. A great place to visit and see much.
Fog is moving in, providing opportunities for silhouettes.

Even this little squirrel was hunkering down.
A view from one of the higher elevation - Pine Island Sound.

A Carolina Wren singing - right out in the open.

A Great Blue Heron reacting to an Osprey flying by overhead.

A Mallard - striking green head.

The trees are labeled, making it informative and interesting.

Attracting the local wildlife too - such as this Checkered Skipper.

Our third stop - was graciously hosted by a friend of our leader, Ken. We gathered up in her back yard and feasted our eyes on this pier - which is a great resting spot for many, many species.

An adult and a juvenile Brown Pelican - notice the difference in the plumage.

Check the legs!

This Ring-billed Gull dared to be different with his yellow legs.

More Black Skimmers coming in for a landing.

More coming in for a landing.....

I wonder how many more can fit in on this dock?

After getting caught in the rain, we all gathered up and headed to our lunch destination - Ken's house. While eating we were entertained by the wildlife that crosses his backyard....such as this peacock....

and greedy Blue Jay.

Afterwards, what better way to digest your lunch than to take a walk along a preserve! This 2020 Galt Preserve just opened recently and it is beautiful!

There is a Bald Eagle nest that can be viewed from a distance...if you look closely you can even see the eagle sitting inside the nest.

The tree with the Eagle Nest - a boardwalk can be seen here - sparkling brand new.

A Wilson's Snipe under it, feeding.

One of the eagle mate, nearby.

The trail map for the Galt Preserve.
Fresh facility for your use....lots of parking too.

And this, folks, conclude our Monday birding trip - it is now time to head home....get rested and start anew! Happy Birding!

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  1. I really enjoy looking at all your photos. It has been a long time since I have seen a peacock and seeing your photo made me remember how vibrant they are. The little guy (Carolina wren) looks so cute singing to the top of his lungs. Oh yes can't forget the white pelicans.