Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bailey Tract and the San-Cap Audubon Group

It had been a bit since I visited the Bailey Tract because of other commitments and I found myself really missing my regular spot - so it was with great anticipation that I got there as the sun was rising. 
Is there a better way to start the day?.....with the sounds of Bald Eagles above my head? doesn't get much better than that.

As I walked along the Middle Dike I met up with the San-Cap Audubon group while finding a nice assortment of birds....such as this Tricolored Heron...

and Mottled Ducks.....

and an adult Little Blue Heron too.

The Little Blue was actively in search of small fish.

Did you know that the Mottled Duck is mostly found in Florida and a few other locations along the Gulf of Mexico? If you are visiting our area - make sure to locate this beautiful specie.

Here's a pair of Coots that has strayed from the main group - check the red beady eye.

Another Little Blue - this one resting after feeding.

Tricolored Heron along the bank.

A young Double-crested Cormorant was found along the Airplane Canal - this is actually where the turtles like to hang out - but they were nowhere to be found this morning.

Notice the emerald green eyes.

The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was buzzing by - I love this little guy with the white ring around its eyes, also I have to say that gray never looked so good to me until I met him.

The Black-and-White Warbler was spotted doing its acrobatic moves along the branches, never skipping a beat.
We were also fortunate to spot the silhouette of the Anhinga - a male....evident by the black neck.

The regular gator was also seen today, resting along the Mangrove pond. 

As the sun was warming things up - the butterflies started to show up....such as this White Peacock. Keep your eyes open while at the Bailey Tract and you'll be able to see our regular butterfly population along the pond edges.
The Red Cardinals were singing today - most were hiding except for this guy.

Tree Swallows by the hundreds.

I'm sealing this day with a Palm Warbler - sure, we may see a lot of them now but before you know it, they will be heading enJOY.
 Well, folks, it's been a great birding outing as always - my E-Bird list had 38 species today - that's greaaaat!


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