Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Birdy Bailey Tract!

I am so glad that I had planned to get to the Bailey Tract this morning - it turned out to be a fantastic birding experience....come and see....
The first pair of Blue-winged Teal were basking in the morning light.

A White-eyed Vireo was singing his heart out.

One of the Prairie Warbler that I saw.

An Eastern Phoebe.

A Pied-billed Grebe.

I found more Blue-winged Teals along the Middle Dike

As I watched them - I was pleasantly surprised to discover a.....

Sora - very, very sweet.

As I watched it, I was reminded how difficult it is to spot they blend right in.

I was happy to report my sighting to those two fine, hard working folks ;)

After taking ample photos of the Sora - I proceeded down the North Dike where a.....

a Bald Eagle was perched - watching the surroundings.

Further down we were entertained by many warblers while this Catbird made an appearance.

A Palm Warbler sat long enough for me to take its photo - many other warblers were seen however they were much quicker than my ability to capture them....all in all it was great!

My E-Bird List for today

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  1. Yes it was a great day. Thanks for having me. I have lots of memories. Great photos you took.