Monday, March 23, 2015

Lakes Park

I recently joined the Lee Co Bird Patrol for some volunteer work and my assigned location is Lakes Park - this is a large area and there is much to see....come and join me...
This 279 acre facility features 158 acres of fresh water quarry lake - many of the islands are filled with nests - here two Great Blue Heron chicks were spotted with the parent on a nearby tree.

A female Downy Woodpecker taking a digesting break after feeding on insects from the bark crevices.

A male Mottled Duck

Some authorities consider Mottled Duck to be a subspecies of Mallard.

It is common and can be seen year around in coastal marshes.

Elaine and I ventured onto the garden area looking for Hummingbirds and found many beautiful and breathtaking flowering trees and bushes.

Flame Vine

Roses - bringing back memories of my past gardens.

Several variety of butterflies were observed, here the Monarch is photographed on Milkweed.

Everywhere you go there is some eye candy to be savored.

The blooming Passion Vine was especially stunning.

As we gathered our thoughts and bird lists together - a Palm Warbler was busy picking up crumbs while his feathers were blowing every which way....

showing here is the under layers....shocking me to see so much black.

Being in the shade - the photo does not do him justice because his colors were bright yellow and his cap was brimming with chestnut hues.

Soon he will leave and migrate north with many others.  
 Take advantage of this facility and visit the website for more information. My E-Bird List for today.

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