Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tick Tock

An early rising brought me to the Bailey Tract this morning - just in time to catch the light before the sunrise. The entire area is peaceful and inviting - the birds are singing and the path is calling....
One of the few remaining Pied-billed Grebe - this one owns the Ani Pond.

Along the Mangrove Head Pond several Black-necked Stilts are foraging the bank - a gator was not too far from them, they kept their distance and all was well.

The sun is peeking just above the tree line, giving the pond an appearance of glass.

On my way out of the Bailey Tract a Green Heron waved me on - I had to look really closely to make sure that I wasn't seeing a Least Bittern - adding light to my photo revealed the real McCoy.

I made my way to the Lighthouse to meet up with the SanCap Audubon group for their last bird walk of the season. Migration has not been generous with us lately - or should I say the winds have not been any basically means that it was rather quiet. Fear not though, the species that are here are magnificent in their own, a White Ibis with its blue eyes in breeding plumage is no ordinary bird.

Another White Ibis seen crossing paths with a Starling.

Along the sandy path to the beach - a Gopher Tortoise was seen out of its burrow....

seen here resting and observing all the tourists heading to the beach.

Many Ospreys can be seen and heard at this location - it's nice to see people's reaction when they spot it and that is a gentle reminder to me not to take things for granted.

Well, this about concludes this birding outing for today. While you are reading this blog - you may just be the person to tip the counter to 50,000 - wow!! - this Bird Tweets blog has come a long way since it's debut (July of 2013). Thank you to all of you - for your kind words and appreciation - my birding journey wouldn't be the same without all of you....I am blessed with all the great help that you continue to provide for me.

My E-Bird List for the Bailey Tract and my E-Bird List for the Lighthouse.


  1. Congratulations, France on 50,000 views! Thank you for bringing us all along with you on some
    wonderful trips! Your photos are often breathtaking!

    1. The pleasure is all mine Patch. BTW I finally got around to visit the Celery Fields and I will post a few photos in the next couple of days - look for it.