Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Venice Rookery

I have heard from several people over the past two years about this little gem of a place called "Venice Rookery". It is small and intimate, a great inviting setting with ample opportunities for great nature enjoyment....come and take a look...
Right away I noticed how many families are occupying the small island and each families at different stages - here are a couple of Great Blue Heron chicks waiting to be fed.

Situated at the top is a parent standing over its nest - most likely with eggs.

In the middle is a Great Blue Heron chick that is practicing its wings - getting really close to fledge the nest.

A Great-crested Cormorant family.

This Great-crested Cormorant is drying its wings off from diving and fishing.

The covered pavilion is close to the parking area, from there I took the path that traveled around the entire lake - finding many intimate benches along the way with glorious views.

Anhinga chicks patiently waiting for more chow.

More families - including the Black-crowned Night Heron flying off to gather up more sticks while catching the other's attention.

One of my favorite families - Great Egret

This was my first time to see them at this stage - I will not soon forget.

Another family - the chicks here are much younger.

One big cozy and happy Great-crested Cormorant family.

Back to the Black-crowned Night Heron - being busy building his nest.

Gathering up more sticks - I watched how he picked just the right one and very carefully too.

Flying back to try it on for size and I bet it's going to be just right.

Looks like they will be neighbor with the

Black-crowned Night Heron

More sticks - and building the nest deep inside the rookery island.

"So, kids, listen up - we're having new neighbors and you better behave, you hear?"

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I just love seeing how white the baby anhingas are and to see the little babies of the
    Great egret.