Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday's Flock

We had a plan - visit the lighthouse and find some migrant warblers - well, sometimes plans don't always come together 
and we make the best that we can out of it...

after all, how can you resist such a spell?

A Great Egret was spotted by the pier....

or was it he that spotted us?

A male Cardinal feeding it's young.

A short stop at the beach revealed some Snowy Plover chicks

Also some Sanderlings in their breeding plumage.

Two Least Terns doing their mating ritual by sharing a fish to one another.

My birding buddy with a black belly plover

An adult Snowy Plover with a mission....

to make sure the chicks are safe

and eating well...

Another adult Snowy Plover came in and that is the



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  1. I just love the little guys like a big fluff ball. Thanks for sharing your photos 😄