Sunday, May 24, 2015

Green Heron family

I visited the Bailey Tract this morning and was entertained by a pair of Killdeer (see post below), in addition I ended up watching a family of Green Herons along the Airplane canal. There are 3 immatures - they are fully grown size wise but are still sporting downy feathers and are relying on the parent to be fed. They were quite active jumping from one branch to another and fighting over who gets to eat first when mama shows up.
The lighting was quite a challenge - so I hope you can get passed the so so photos and enjoy the experience like I did.

All 3 immature Green Herons are in this frame.

I think this little guy might be the runt of the litter.

The little runt is on the left and I believe this might have been their nest on the right.

Well, it might be hot and buggy but the birding is great. Check my E-bird List for today.

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