Saturday, June 6, 2015

Green Heron

While visiting the Bailey Tract this week, I noticed several Green Herons - and it was by chance that I found this pair.
If there had been no movements, I would have missed them all together.

It was fun to watch them - the male would fly off to a nearby tree and choose a twig which he broke off and brought back to the nest.

He lowered the twig to his lady, she would grab it with her bill and carefully arrange it in her nest.

This was a full time job .... off he goes to get some more.

The tree next door on the other hand had a family almost all grown up...

Two immature Green Herons were practicing their hopping between branches while patiently waiting for the parent to come with a meal.

Now, that is one good looking fellow.


  1. Very cool, France :-) Looks like a great s'pose for their nest, all shrouded in. Love the chicks, too! Such nice pics, as usual....B.

  2. Very cool, France :-) Looks like a great spot for their nest, too - all shrouded in. Love the chicks, also! Really nice pics, as usual.....B.