Monday, July 20, 2015

A green turtle's foot print

The photos were taken with my phone which is enclosed in a waterproof/dustproof case, the details are not as pronounced but you can get an idea of what you are looking at.


  1. That will be a very long haul back to the water by the hatchlings, hopefully with minimal predation, France.

    1. This crawl resulted in a "false crawl". Most likely she didn't like the location or was disturbed by lights, sounds or animals. The Green Turtle is easily spooked and will return to the ocean without nesting if she is not comfortable.

  2. Hi France--
    How do they know it's the Green turtle? Can they tell by the footprints? Does this species make a habit
    out of seeking the grassy areas? The loggerheads on Siesta always stay to the sandy areas. We saw
    several disturbed areas in the grass today that looked just like these. Tides have been so high as to
    obscure footprints.

    1. Patch, a green turtle footprint is different from the Loggerhead beside being wider. This was my first time seeing a green turtle go in the vegetation, most of the time it is on the beach and it is as if a bomb went off with all the sand that she throws after nesting. In this particular case, she trampled on the vegetation and was likely just turning around. Aren't these creatures just unbelievable? It never ceases to amaze me as to what they are capable of doing considering they are a water creature.