Thursday, August 13, 2015

Toad Thursday! Why not!

Today started with no expectations but rather a small plan of taking a walk along the shore - and surprises were welcomed.
I arrived early which was indicative by the fact that I was the only one in the lot. I set off along the boardwalk and spotted something I had never seen before - I quickly retreated and went to fetch my camera.
It turns out this is a Southern Toad - it is a true toad native to the S.E. USA. It often lives in areas with sandy soils. It is nocturnal and spends the day in a burrow.

I'd say, I was lucky to arrive just before it left for its burrow.

As I cleared the boardwalk - the sunrise greeted me with open arms.....ahhh.

It seemed as if gold was being poured on....I am rich!

A Sanderling was enjoying the morning too.

Two Laughing Gulls - a juvenile on the left and an adult on the right.

A pristine White Ibis - often called Florida Chickens as they are a dime a dozen - there are so many of them - yet they are worthy of second looks.

I bumped into one of my turtle buddies on my way back, Allen is on duty on Thursday and he was performing a data collection from a nest that perished - cause: too much water standing in and around the nest - result: not enough oxygen for the turtles to progress properly. We counted 147 unhatched eggs. Some beach walkers joined us and we shared our turtle knowledge with them.

Toward the end of my walk - I spotted a much bigger Gull from a distance and I was glad to have my camera along.....

that way I can properly identify what I am looking at. Those Gulls can be downright difficult because of the changes that they go through for the first 4 years and different seasons on top of that....

I was able to conclude that I was looking at a 2nd winter Great Black-backed Gull. I don't know about you, but personally I am glad that August is here and the fact that the doors have opened to let our migrating birds back in.....yeah....welcome back!


  1. Are you sure this is not a 1st year, 10 th month, 19 hour, and 22 min Greater Black Backed Gull?
    Regards, Arthur

    1. LOL, Arthur, I have missed your sense of humor. Looking forward to the Caloosa Bird soon can we make this happen?