Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A beach morning walk along Sanibel shore

An early rising brought me to the beach and as always I was pleased with my encounters. Come along and see....

A couple Dragonflies were spinning around before they landed by my feet, I watched for a bit before they flew off again.
 I'm not quite sure what that was about, so you be the judge. 
I was then drawn to a 'shell' art - just beautiful to see this gratitude message with the shorebirds on top.
Then, the sunrise in all its glory - nature is beautiful just as it is.

A small group of Sandwich Terns - take a look at their bill and see how it looks as if they dipped it in mustard - of course the last one on the right has yet to reach that stage since he's still maturing.

A little pool within the sandy beach was a perfect spot for this Snowy Egret's breakfast.

It was hard to peel away from the Snowy at first but I soon was distracted by the Black-bellied Plover and the Sanderling.

Shortly after I went to the Lighthouse to check things out - a walk along the dirt trail provided good viewing of a Skipper.

Isn't it amazing how they look when we can see the details up close - I didn't realize how 'hairy looking' this guy was.

I then went near the pier and saw this Loggerhead Sea Turtle - well, what's left of it. It most likely suffered from propeller injuries and then became food for the sea life.

The turtle was reported and will be removed from the beach after detailed information is taken and recorded with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Take a look at this back limb -isn't it just incredible that they can create a perfect cylinder chamber to deposit their eggs in with such a large flipper? Isn't nature just amazing?

On the other side of the Pier, a dark morph of the Reddish Egret with Snowy Egrets - all seemingly waiting for a hand out from the fisherman.

A Willet was nearby - a one leg willet.

On my way back to the car, I heard and saw several Eastern Kingbird - I though he looked a little scruffy - so, he cleaned up his act ....

"How's that!"


  1. I always enjoy looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing

  2. Ahhh, you would have loved it, I just know.