Friday, October 23, 2015

Bonita Springs little out of the way gems.

This morning Elaine and I drove south to Bonita Springs - map in hand and open hearts to adventures we were ready to seize the day.
We arrived at the crack of dawn and set out to find the Hidden Cypress Preserve and somewhat getting side tracked near a road called: Cutting Horse Lane. We walked between a Utility site and a creek, we observed several species - sorry no photos as there wasn't enough light for my camera (she's picky). Check my E-bird List, we tallied 28 species.
Then, off to the next spot
Upon pulling into the parking lot we noticed another birder - turns out he was watching Bay-breasted Warbler and Chestnut-sided Warbler - nice sightings! After watching them for a bit we ventured forth to explore Cullum's Bonita Trail.

I was able to capture bits and pieces of the Bay-breasted Warbler which was constantly moving - nevertheless it was a challenging fun. These birds are hard to identify in the fall and that sends me back to the books for further study.
Along the trail there is a launching pad for kayaks and canoes....that pad is really nice and low - important factor when you are entering your vessel.

That trail led us to the Bonita Nature Place - across several steps that had been positioned to make climbing those small hills easier - yes....hills in Florida....hard to believe.

A bat house was holding several bats - they were watching me unless they sleep with their eyes open. I wanted to add them to my bird list but Elaine pointed out that they are mammals.

This bench sits on the top of a cliff with the river flowing down below.

The Imperial River - pristine and as it has been for many decades - thanks to Mr. Cullums and his 'future' vision.

Elaine and I enjoyed listening to his stories.

The trail is well kept, the place is a hidden gem...many benches can be found along the way and should definitely be taken advantage of while taking in the surroundings. My E-Bird list for Cullum's (note: birds were mostly seen in parking lot).

We were back on the road, still searching for our destination when we passed this vegetable/pumpkin nursery - some nice Sunflowers were sending their rays our way.

Aha! Finally found wonder they call it Hidden Cypress Preserve - (on Wellfield Road)

It was a bit late for birding and after a bit we decided to walk the edge of the property where we ended up seeing a lot of birds - resting/eating.

A few Roseate Spoonbills in flight

The landing gears coming down first.

Several Wood Storks were present too.

A Great Blue Heron with a White Ibis and a Snowy Egret - they positioned themselves by the water pipe which funneled the excess water from the preserve across the way.

Well, folks, I think this turned out to be a great experience and well worth the travel. My E-bird list for this location. 

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