Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bunche Beach - Bald Eagle day!

It is low tide and the Lee Co Bird Patrol is offering its monthly beach/bird walk. The exciting part about going birding is that you never know for sure what you will see - yet every single event seems to be better than the last, this day was no exception.....come and take a peek....
Plovers - in the back is the Piping Plover, in the front is the Semi-palmated Plover.

Overhead we heard the Bald Eagles before we saw them....landing in a far away spit of sand with the Sanibel Lighthouse in the background.

They were quite vocal.

Checking the surrounding

Getting ready

After a bit I diverted my attention to the Marbled Godwit that was by my side.

Amazing how it can sink its head to find morsels of food.

Must be worth it, check the smile on his face! Then I heard uproar from the crowd - I looked up and saw the Bald Eagles copulating.

In Eagle's world, it is quickly over and I barely  managed to get the end result.

Overhead, a Kingfisher was chattering and aiming for lunch.

 What a treat! Today was Bald Eagle day and everyone was delighted, myself included.

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