Tuesday, December 29, 2015

North Cape Coral with the Caloosa Bird Club

It's Monday, my favorite day and it's time to go birding! It will be good to get back on the trails after sitting during the holiday. Come along and see what we encountered.
It was fun to finally be able to capture a Yellow-rumped Warbler out in the open with his yellow rump showing....notice too how the shoulders show some yellow as well.

Several Bald Eagles were spotted - not surprising since there is a nest nearby.

Some silhouette birds - a good exercise to help learn the shape of a bird .... 2 Red-bellied Woodpeckers and 1 Mockingbird.

Other than a few guys fishing at the end of the trail - the place was quiet as a church mouse except for the birds singing.

We took a walk along the edge of the fence and while looking for the Eagle's nest found this Horned Owl taking a snooze.

This little Northern Shrike is showing you the way.

We then drove to the Scrub Jays area where a family of the Jays have been living for quite some time - the neighborhood has been feeding them and the birds come to visit anyone that shows up - looking for a hand out. Please be aware that feeding the jays peanuts is quite detrimental to their stomach and I would urge you to refrain from doing so.

The Jays were banded.

Another Jay with different bands.

A Borrowing Owl was keeping a close eye on us and whatever predator that might be lurking by.

We stopped at another location to see some Manatees - Sirenia Park...if my memory serves me right. The male was enjoying this catch.....

while the female loudly objected to be kept waiting.

Well, folks, another great birding day with great friends. My E-Bird List for North Cape and the Scrub Jay E-bird List today.


  1. Hello, I grew up in Marco Island and am coming home to Naples for Christmas. I would love to shoot with someone in the area. I am specifically interested in the burrowing owls and egret rookeries. If no one is available as a chaperone, perhaps you have a list of several places where seeing the owls and egrets is likely. I heard there were burrowing owls at Tigertail on Marco and don't know how easy it is to find them. Thank you, Bonnie DeLap - you can find me on Facebook.

  2. Bonnie, I'm not too familiar with the locations in Marco Island. I do know that Venice has a rookery and there are always birds nesting on it. I would recommend you take a look/see at E-bird and search for the species you are looking for, maps and times when the species are seen are included and it's a great tool. Good luck!