Monday, January 11, 2016

Celery Fields - pit stop

My Merritt Island trip is finally here! This is my first opportunity to visit this gem of a place - I've heard much about it and I'm excited to be able to visit. We left Ft.Myers with 2 vans at 9a.m. - first pit stop is the Celery Fields.
We saw a Bonaparte Gull lazily floating nearby.

A couple Forster's Terns were resting by the shore's edge.

A beautiful place to visit - much to see and it's best to allow ample time.

It's about time to wrap it up and head to our destination.

It's a beautiful clear day - a bit chilly but even that's now enough to dampen our enthusiasm.

After checking in to our hotel and heading to our rooms - we were distracted by 100s of American Robins - my friend Aki would have loved to see this.

I never get tired of Robins - bring em on. Stay tuned....more to come....tomorrow is Merritt Island!

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