Saturday, January 9, 2016

A foggy Pond Apple

You know it's winter in S.W. Florida when you get up most every morning and it is as foggy as can be....that does not deter me from venturing out and this morning I headed to the Pond Apple Trail.
My first sighting along the retention pond was a pair of Black-crowned Night Heron.

Singing happily was this Eastern Phoebe.

From the retention ponds I took a long leisurely walk to the Chamber of Commerce - atop a dead snag covered in poison ivy a Snowy Egret shares the space with a Tricolored Heron.

One of the three Kestrels that I saw this morning.

Back to the retention ponds - a Brown Pelican welcomes me back.

In the last hour the birds have started to arrive in drove - a Yellow-rumped Warbler is waking up and feeding happily.

A focused Great Blue Heron

One of the three Green Heron - sitting and taking the view in.

Another Black-crowned Night Heron....

and another - I don't ever recall seeing so many at this location.

A Wood Stork

A Cattle Egret

Behind this Cormorant a Wilson Snipe and a Killdeer can be seen.

I've been here for two hours and the fog seems to want to linger a bit.

A beautiful corner to observe wildlife as it unfolds.

A Catbird - one of many that were seen and heard this morning. This turned out to be a lovely morning with 41 species - My E-Bird List.

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