Monday, February 8, 2016

Bunche Beach & Lakes Park with The Caloosa Bird Club

What a beautiful sunny day this turned out to be - it started in the 40's but warmed up nicely to the 60's. 25 of us showed up at Bunche - bright and early and eager to watch some birds....come along and see what we came across....
What a great way to start - a Bald Eagle flying into the sunrise!

Behind him - the Sanibel Causeway.

A Merlin made a beautiful appearance.

A Lesser Yellowleg

standing next to a Tricolored Heron.

Some of our fine members enjoying the views.

These two Bald Eagles seemed to be plotting their next move....

Such as getting the Black Skimmers up and flying.

A Royal Tern behind the Forster Tern.

Working hard and loving it!

A Willet with a good size crab....determined not to share.

Along the little lagoon - a Great Crested Flycatcher silently flew in....

The Little Blue Heron sat still and waved us on to our next venture. My E-Bird List for Bunche Beach.

Our next stop: Lakes Park. Soon after arriving in the parking lot - several American Goldfinch were observed.

A Great Blue Heron

A Northern Parula

And then we saw this pair which generated a lot of conversation/opinions. It was believed that the Great Blue Heron was raising this white morph...

but as we continued to observe the pair - we noticed how they behaved...

They would both look up and at times would clack their bill and hook bills together....a mating behavior.

Readers, feel free to share your knowledge.

As I looked at them - a song popped into my head - "You are the sunshine of my life".

In another tree - different rookery - another Great Blue Heron by his nest. We observed many others doing the same thing....soon chicks will be adorning those nests.

A Forster Tern

A large Gator eating lunch.

A Young Wood Stork

His peach fuzz is showing. And that, folks,  pretty much concludes the sightings for today - we had lunch and did our bird list - my E-Bird List for Lakes Park.

On my way home - I pulled off the causeway for one last look with the hopes of finding the Curlew - no luck there but I did spot the Flamingo standing right next to the channel - seemingly swimming as I couldn't see his legs.

I spotted a Spotted Sandpiper too and

a Willet - gathering up some warmth and much needed rest.....I think I'll do the same.

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