Monday, March 21, 2016

Babcock Webb with the Caloosa Bird Club

A long awaited outing to the Babcock Webb - today was the day! It turned out to be quite cool and very windy with gusts up to 25mph+ - it made for a quieter than normal day but it was beautiful and quite enjoyable as always.

Bluebird - one of my favorite and they make it so easy to photograph too.

Pine Warblers - right in their element.

The Red-cockaded Woodpeckers were a bit more tricky to find this morning.

It was way off the path - and I'm thankful for the 'eagle eyes' in the group for spotting this one from so far away.

So many birds, so many acres and so little time.

Talk about a dose of sunshine! I love these bright Eastern Meadowlark - even when they are quiet.

 Another fantastic day of birding with the club. My E-Bird List for today.

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