Monday, March 14, 2016

Cape Coral with the Caloosa Bird Club

It is always a pleasure to visit Cape Coral because it's a venue that provides good views of species that I don't usually find in my neck of the woods. We concentrated on three areas - come along and see...
We all met up at the Rotary Park - a sweet spot that can provide beautiful views of migrating birds if the weather/winds are right - let's hope for a great spring.....for now.....good views of the Cedar Waxwings - always sweet to find.

Along some of the back trails along the water - some waders, coots, ducks and herons can be found - a Green Heron in breeding plumage was spotted.

On our way back, we found more Cedar Waxwings.

I love their color, mask, hair tuft and yellow edged tail.

A short walk across the corner, we were treated to see a family of Purple Martins, they are now getting settled and will soon start their families.

A male on the left, female on the right.

Then we were off to Pelican Blvd where the Pelican ball field is located - nearby are Burrowing Owls. Take note of the clean surrounding of this burrow - I'll explain later.

One of the owl went into the burrow and started digging - you can see the sand being sprayed out of the hole and on the mate....

A little sand in the eyes can be a pain....

Open wide - awww - much better now.

A Loggerhead Shrike was nearby (aka a butcher bird because of the way it impels its catch before consuming it).

It's hard to stay away from watching these owls - they are just captivating.

They are protected and have 'pipe' boundaries, please do not trample on their ground for their safety.

Around the ball field, Monk Parakeets nests just below the light fixtures...

while we were there we observed a Fish Crow who made his way in - the Parakeets were none too happy....

and neither were we - totally powerless we are and it's how nature unfolds.

And then we were off to Jaycee Park - a great spot to see ducks and warblers. This morning a Spotted Sandpiper was at the water's edge.

Getting a bubble bath is always fun.

A Red-bellied Woodpecker - the belly showing the colors too!

On our way back and near Hooters - A Burrowing Owl who has decorated his nest - they tend to bring objects to their borrow during the night when nesting is under way and I hear they are quite creative - this little fellow has pieces of wood, lots of tissues and some poop. The poop will bring insects/flies and will help to feed the little ones very soon.

I'm told there is over 800 pairs of Burrowing Owls nesting in Cape Coral, you're bound to see them if you drive through Cape Coral, just look for the white water pipes and little crosses.

Please limit the time you spend with the Owls, etiquette mentions not more than 15 minutes or less if the bird becomes agitated. They are busy raising families and need all their energy for that purpose.

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