Monday, March 7, 2016

Green Cay & Wakadohatchee with the Caloosa Bird Club

This was my third trip with the Caloosa Bird Club to this location - what a great time we had!! Perfect weather and no bus break downs - yeah!
I'm sharing with you a few photos from the trip - take a look at what we saw....
It would appear that the Stork will be nesting this year - they were courting, mating and gathering sticks for the nests - I will post a series of the Storks separately, so look for it.

A Gray-headed Swamphen having finger food.

A Great Blue Heron ignoring the violent pleas from its chick - which is not so little anymore.

Anhinga Chicks waiting for their meal - patiently.

One of my favorite sighting - a Cattle Egret in breeding plumage.

A Neotropic Cormorant - notice the sharp white border setting off yellow throat pouch - quite noticeable during breeding plumage.

A few Warblers were spotted - only the Prairie stayed still long enough for a photo.

I told you this was my favorite :)

On our very first pit stop - a Caracara made an appearance.

Of course, what's not to love about the Red-winged Black Bird - always a bright spot!

One of two Screech Owls we saw - this one was nestled in the crook of the 'boots' in the palm tree.

A Tricolored Heron in its bright glory.

A Purple Gallinule - always a nice find.

Being a sucker for turtles, I couldn't pass these out.

A White-winged Dove.

A Solitary Sandpiper

And Oh! What a nice surprise! A Least Bittern was spotted in between the reeds/alligator flags.

A pair of Gray-headed Swamp Hen - I counted many more along the Wakodahatchee boardwalk.

A Sora - I've been blessed this year to have seen the Sora many times over at different locations.....a nice treat, then again, every day birding brings about lots of treats!


  1. I love seeing the baby anhingas. I love all your photos, but I am amazed how the baby anhingas look and how much they change when they are an adult.

    1. I've noticed that too and find that fascinating

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.