Thursday, March 17, 2016

Snowy Plover season

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Audrey Albrecht, the Shorebird program Coordinator and Biologist at SCCF (Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation) in addition to all the other volunteers who enjoy spending time watching over the Snowy Plovers during the nesting season. The birds have been observed and we see them pairing up - tomorrow the areas where the Plovers have been seen will be roped off and signs will be erected. I will keep you updated as the season continues....but for now....come along and see what I observed today.
Not too long after I entered the beach I found this little fellow on a pen shell and upon taking....

a closer look, I realized that this Plover has a deformed foot - I'm calling it Stompy and will keep an eye on it.

Well, it never fails....when on the beach I often come into interesting discoveries such as this Cow Fish skeleton, it is called a Cow Fish because of the little horns on its head, it is in the trunk fish family - according to my son the fisherman in the family.

A Lesser Black-backed Gull - one of several today.

And Sanderlings were everywhere too - this time they were resting instead of chasing the waves.

An American Kestrel flew and landed nearby - unnoticed by the beach birds, perhaps because he already has his meal in his talons - a juicy lizard.

A Black-bellied Plover who will soon get its black belly.

Our little banded female Snowy Plover who returns time and time again on our beach - she was actually banded in Sanibel in 2009 and has been nesting every year since.

She is seen here with her mate, I will keep you updated with their status as the season gets going.


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